Welcome to the Oldham Geological Society Website. Here you can find everything you need to know about Oldham Geological Society. We hold regular meetings and always welcome new members. Please browse the site you will find information regarding the events and field trips that the society has planned, writeups of past field trips information about the geology of oldham, information about the society's extensive library of geological books, a photo library which contains member submittied photos, and our on-line Forum where members can post messages and discuss related topics.

If you are looking to join the society then please feel free to email us or come down to one of our regular meetings.

We also warmly welcome any guest speakers that might like to address the society, for more information please contact us.

We have recently completley overhauled the Oldham Geological Society website and are adding new content as quickly as we can. However, even though we have already included all the infomrtion from the old website there is still much to be added! If you find a blank page, dont worry, we are probably in the process of writing the content or arguing over which picture of a Calamites Stem to use in an article.

Also, remember if you are a Society member, you can always submit your own work to be included on the website.